Информация о доставке

You can check tracking from Poland here

You can check tracking from Russia here

1. We ship all around the world. For the last several years we have sent over thousand orders to countries such as: USA, Japan, Canada, Chile, China and around Europe ( Slovakia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, England, Italy, Spain and others)

2. We ship orders from Poland and Russia. Delivery from Russia is twice as cheaper compared to shipping from Poland in our experience. Customs passes without problems because our products are not converted real weapons. Also we apply a certificate for customs in English and Russian that our product is a souvenir.

3. Before paying, make sure that all the address and customer information is filled. Please write the phone number with the country code through the "+".

4. Tell us how much shot power you want us to set and whether we need to indicate power.

5. Tell us about any additional documents you need.